Lifestyle Tips

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Tip #1

High humidity, high temperatures and wet ground will result in high mold counts in next several days in Northeast if conditions prevail!

Tip #2

If your asthma awakens you at night, it will likely be worse the following night.

Tip #3

Historically a high percentage of Olympic participants use demand bronchodilators to prevent exercise induced asthma or EIA.

Tip #4

Ragweed high pollen counts fully predictable in the longitude of PA from the Mississippi to the east Aug 15 to Sept 15.

Tip #5

Although ragweed pollen drops dramatically after about 30 days of blooming the antigen stays in the air for almost a month.

Tip #6

Your immune response to ragweed is higher immediately after pollen is gone then when present. Breakdown small particles cause symptoms.

Tip #7

Anyone with chronic airway inflammation (rhinitis or asthma) needs to look into what role allergic factors, if any, are contributing.