80 Years of Helping Patients who have Allergic Conditions


At Allergy and Asthma Center our unique expertise provides a comprehensive look at the causes of asthma, allergies
and recurrent sinus, ear and chest infections.

We are dedicated to giving you the best quality care in the fields of allergy and asthma, and to giving you a better quality of life by helping to find the underlying causes and alleviating or controlling your symptoms. We treat all age groups from infants to adults.

AAC is committed to protecting our staff and patients so we can maintain continual medical services to our community. Our office is remaining open and have had many preventative measures in place since the beginning of March. All patients and staff temperatures are taken when entering the building. After temperatures are taken, patients who are arriving to see a provider are immediately taken back to the exam room. Our injections are 6 feet apart from other patients during their wait time. We are here to help our patients so that they can stay out of the ER and avoid any increased risk of exposure.

If at the time of your visit you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, please notify us prior to your appointment and we will assess the circumstances as to whether the appointment should be kept and how to deal with your appointment.

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